Hello I’m Attila,

I was born and raised in Belgium. I have Turkish and Italian roots.

The deep knowledge of my roots, history, culture and cuisine makes me a good ambassador of the Old World, Asia and Europe in all their aspects !

My parents had a good running bar in a busy shopping street in Belgium. That was my first experience, I learned the basic skills of the hospitality, how to handle with customers and to do business.

When I was 6 years old, I participated in a pilot project untill 1982 of which my father was the supervisor:

“Native language during primary education within school hours.”

My Turkish-Italian origin is a great gift I was taught in accordance to the educational programs of the three countries. I attended a language test “La Tour Eiffel” to test the knowledge of our French and achieved the best results in school. English through music, German after a move, Greek because of my interest in etymology, history and science.

My mother was the impetus for my passion, “cooking”. World cuisine is a real challenge for me, origins of ingredients, daring combinations, old recipes and the story behind it, “la mise en place” a good preparation really makes the difference.

20 years activity in the socio-cultural sector, crafts club, theater, establishing teen activities, I was twelve when I got my first license to conduct meetings, establishing Turkish wrestling club, youth council, educational assistant for community development, governance of the integration council, HR manager, management board member, crisis manager, international exchanges, pilot projects in the special youth care, intercultural mediator, multilingual guide, setting up the boxing project.


Trained: logistics, management, security and internal transports. Jobs in and around the ​​Ford plants in Belgium as: production craftsman, warehouse manager, final quality inspector. Safety coordinator during shut-downs in petrochemical companies. These employments in different places with different responsibilities gave me insight into the entire production and marketting process.

Tensions in nightlife have brought me the idea to use local key players with professional atmosphere custodians or security, knowledge linked to social control for a more effective approach.

When I was resolving these conflicts  I got an offer to teach at the Airport Security Training Center of Brussels Belgium. Within the lessons of: cultural diversity, conflict management, job diversification and the philosophy of safety I implemented my experience in the field. Contextual task and group-oriented approach, adapt and develop new trainings, train and evaluate new instructors.

After diverse professional experiences, and the urge to analyse I emerged as a dot connector.
Differentiation is a must in today’s economy it creates a growing need for generalists, people who have a general overview of the whole picture.

A generalist is a person who builds bridges, he quantifies human capital, provides mentality changes, increases the effectiveness, creates growth and ensures continuity.

So far a few passages of my life and the secrets of my interpersonal skills.


After my mother’s death I had a burn-out and lost all my enthusiasm. This period lasted more than two years.



I decided to buy a PC in november 2016 and started to learn how to use it. While I was studying I had an idea !









Founder of this site


  1. Hello Attila,

    I browsed through your website and I really like it so far, I believe that because of your interesting life path you can really help people who look for ways to earn money while studying!

    Keep it up, providing good value by being honest with your readers as you already are, and giving every post a taste of your unique personality 🙂
    I wish you every success with your website and I’m happy we connected on WA.

    All the best!

    • Hello Nicky,

      Thanks for visiting my site !

      Thanks also for the kinds words, my life path was determined by a lot of factors.

      I embrace solutions !

      Have a nice day !



  2. You have that %page-title% in your folder.That can be fixed.

    • Hello Roger,

      I will do it !

      Thanks foe warning me !



  3. wow everything is to the point…you have a great site….everything to me seems to be perfect.
    I say to my self now why cant I do that, I know I can it just takes time. but yours is clean and straight forward, thank you for sharing…I have to fix mine I’m a newbie at this compared to yours…your site is worth reading….

    • Hello Nathalie,

      You let me blush :):):)
      You havent seen other sites yet !
      Being newbie is a good feeling it gives you a young feeling and energy !

      Have a nice day,


  4. Hi Attila,
    It is nice to be able to connect with you here at WA. I am still learning from you and also the community and not to mention the WA platform. I look forward to working with you here at WA also much to your success Jewels.

    • Hello Jewels,

      I’m also happy to be connected with you andthanks for the kind words !
      I wish you also succes and thanks for visiting my site.



  5. Hi Atilla,
    Quite an amazing and interesting life you had and have! Full of experience and knowledge!
    Sorry for the loss of your mother. I’m happy to see, that you now overcame that loss.
    With your experience and knowledge in many fields I’m sure you will be a great coach to everybody in building quality time.

    • Hello Eric,

      Thanks for visiting my site and the kind words !

      I have insight in several fields but my strong point is That I’m a dot connector !



  6. Attila, your website is quite unique and interesting and informative! I have this fuzzy feeling that everyone will benefit from reading on your website. You are a very accomplished person. I am amazed that you could fit all that into your life, Here’s wishing you all the best in your business.


    • Hello Nitta,

      Thanks for the kind words and visiting my site !

      I wish you the same with your business too !



  7. Hi Attila!
    Very interesting and entertaining website you have created for yourself!
    Only negative aspect, in my opinion, is the black on brown background!
    Very, very difficult to see the fonts so not too easy to read!
    The white on black background you have further up the page is great!
    Have a look at this, it will make a big difference to your site?
    Wish you well.
    Best Regards.

    • Hello Jaspal,

      Thanks for visiting my site and the kind words !

      I will consider your advice !

      Have a nice day,


  8. Attila,
    Quite an interesting life. So much different elsewhere in the world from here in the US. A majority of people in the US think that the USA has the ‘BEST’ of education, living standards, working hours, holidays (vacations), BUT I’ll bet that 98% of the people unequivocally believing the ‘BEST’ attribute, have NEVER travelled or researched other countries, cultures, societies and believe blindly what they have been spoon-fed and not thinking on their own.

    Bottom line, it’s refreshing to read and learn about ‘the rest of the world’ and I have been lucky enough to have travelled a great many places around the big world and can appreciate the nuances and idiosyncrasies of other people.
    I look forward to reading some more adventures in your life !

    All the best!

    • Hello,

      Thanks for the kind words !

      Travelling is not possible for everyone.


      Sometimes it the fear for new unknown things or places that are the cause of a narrow personal world !

      The USA is a relative recent state and you can’t blame the inhabitants to know their geography so bad.

      I hope that we can continue our conversations on a higher level !



  9. The site is very well laid out, Atilla, and your personality comes through very strongly and very positively. People follow people and I think you not only have the right qualities to create a good following for yourself but that you display them well too.
    I agree with the comments that have been posted about grammar and spelling. Although English isn’t your first language, it is very important when dealing with an audience who’s first language probably is English.
    With regards to your Latin Quotes, I’d keep them all in one place rather than have ‘Latin Quotes’ 1, 2 & 3, etc. Just have a single section called ‘Inspirational Quotes’ or ‘Quotes That Inspire Me’. No need to refer to them being Latin at all. It could even be detrimental to you as very few people know Latin and may not even bother to look as may think it’s irrelevant. They would miss out and so would you.
    I think you’ve got what it takes in terms of personality, presence, commitment and integrity to make a real success and I hope and believe that you will.
    Rich 🙂

    • Hello Richard,

      Thanks for visiting my site and the kind words !

      I agree also withe comments about the grammar and accept the impotance if it !

      I will execute “NOW” the changes that you advice about the quotes !

      I’m looking forward to have further conversations.



  10. Hi, Attila. Thank you for sharing your story! I loved reading your story about what brought you to where you are now. I am sorry to hear about your mother. I am glad you decided to challenge yourself and buy a PC and start this website! That was a great decision! What have you found most interesting as you’ve been learning how to use your PC and build a website?

    • Hello,

      Thanks for visiting my site It’s a pleasure that you liked my story.
      In the beginning it was very difficult and I was not used to sit in front of a PC it causes me headaches but not I’m OK.

      I have always combined things in my life like this the combination of building a website and study how to use a PC



  11. Hi Attila

    What a great story of your life. I can see potential in your site, you have some inspiring quotes.
    Keep up the work and you should achieve what you are looking for.

    • Hello Angela,

      Thanks for the kind words. I hope that these quotes gives you the inspiration !



  12. Hey Atilla,

    You’ve certainly had a lot of involvement in many different areas – both in the ‘fun’ aspect and in your professional life – very impressive.

    I, like you, enjoy cooking. My family think I’m a pretty good cook with what I put my hand to, but I would love to take cooking classes at some stage – Japanese & Mediterranean are of interest.

    All the best with your online endeavors Attila, Cheers,


    • Hello Jacqueline,

      Yes cooking is my favorite hobby !
      I enjoy to cook for friends, eating alone is not so funny.

      My involvement on many areas is because I love to travel and change.

      Thanks for your comment and I wish you also the best with your online endavors.



  13. Very Nice to meet you.

    • Hello Narasimhara,

      Sory if I write your name wrong, I thank you to visit my site and I wish you also good luck with your business.

      Like you said before now that my back hurts let my fingres work !



  14. really very nice story about your life ..thanks for sharing and yes there are many tips that will
    help folks who looking for how they can gain money online .you give them advices thank you

    • Hello Salma,

      Thanks for the kind words !

      We have to help each other to learn and to achieve our aims.

      I’m always ready to listen and to give advice if my knowledge allows it !

      Have a nice day and i accept your invitation to visit your site.

      I will do it now,

      Greets Attila

  15. Good morning Attila.

    When ever l read your discussions and blogs you have such a strong presence about you it’s really inspirational to me it makes me want to do more or exceed my limits l thank you for that.Going over your website it too has a bold look about it,a strong presence about it pushing someone to want to learn all they can about you and your product.I feel that we are all a work in progress that’s why we have the support there is here at WA.

    • Hello Chris,

      Thanks for the kind words !

      I blush !!!

      You’re also a good person and believe always in yourself !

      When I blog or write comments I take my time it is because I respect the person with wich I’m having a conversation!

      I like tthat you invited me also to visit your site and I will do it now !

      Greets Attila

  16. Hi Attila

    I am sorry I have not visited your site until today even though we are following each other for some time.
    I just saw your site now and it is a very nice site about you and your details. You have a very sober and down-to-earth attitude towards life and i really appreciate that. 🙂
    On your site, I have noticed several typing mistakes. Like spelling errors and punctuation errors. Also i think your site does not have a title. Maybe you would like to fix these errors?
    The reason i am suggesting these errors is because when people read your website, they would like it to be easy to understand. With some spelling and grammar mistakes, it might be difficult for them to understand a FEW things. Plus it leaves a very good impression on the reader if they see a site with zero mistakes.
    I hope you don’t get offended that i pointed these mistakes out. I am sorry in advance if it offends you.
    For example, your opening line:

    “I have Turkish and Italian roots, the deep knowledge of my roots, history, culture and cuisine makes me a good ambassador of the Old World, Asia and Europe in al their aspects !”

    This has a few mistakes and i would suggest that it should read like this:

    “I have Turkish and Italian roots. The deep knowledge of my roots, history, culture and cuisine makes me a good ambassador of the Old World, Asia and Europe in all their aspects!”

    Just tiny errors fixed. After roots i put a period instead of a comma and capitalized “the” and then the spelling of “all” was wrong… you had it as “al”

    So these tiny corrections can make a very good difference. 🙂

    • Thanks for the reply !

      Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for te corrections I’m not an native English speaker !

      I like straight and honest comments

      The main purpose is that we know also in wich business we are involved and have a good future interaction !

      I will visit your site also and leave a comment comment !

      Greets Attila

  17. Attila
    Peace friend, You have some major experience and I am honored to have cross paths with you through WA. I know you have some knowledge that can assist me in elevating my social and marketing strategies. I enjoy reading your about me page and I see you are well diverse and constantly elevating yourself. I encourage you to keep growing and keep teaching and learning. Peace.

    Frankie Trillz

    • Hello Frankie,

      Peace friend !

      It is also a pleasure for me to cross you in the cloud ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I just visited your site and you offer great advice !

      RESPECT ! Helping people out is a noble task !

      We have lot to learn, to experience….

      Thanks again for the kind words,


  18. Thanks Attila you have a rich experience in life have even loved your commanding tone (hahahah) Sir.
    Sorry for the delay to comment on your site. Am doing lot of studies here at WA community and sometimes I go breaks from the lessons.

    But I see you are doing a very great job let all build each other.

    As we build our online businesses.



    • Hello Martin,

      Thanks for your comment !

      And my exuses for the commanding tone ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      You’re always welcome,

      Grets Attila

  19. it looks good..needs more content , more explaination but good start.

    • Hello,

      Thanks for visiting my site and the short but objective comment !

      I will work on it !

      It’s a deal !

      Greets Attila

  20. Its an amazing story of your life and its absolutely incredible on how you managed to. Do your site just perfect!!! Sorry about my website im not do with it yet

  21. Hi Attila,
    Thanks for inviting me to visit your site, it is very inspiring!
    I can understand your burnout feeling after your mum died. When mine died, I felt dizzy most of the time for at least 2 years as well, so I sympathize.
    It’s good that you started learning the computer, and amazing that you found Wealthy Affiliate! I’m amazed that I found it too, and very grateful.
    Your site is amazing, and all best with your journeys.

  22. Thanks for sharing your story Attila. It was an interesting and inspiring read

    Wish you all the best

    • Hello,

      Thanks for visiting my site and I hope that we wil have good future conversations !

      Thanks also for your kind words !

      Send me your websites link please !

      Greets Attila

      • It was nice speaking with you Attila.

        My website : http://www.mounteverestexport.com

        Thanks and all the best

        • Hello,

          Thanks for accepting my invitation on my site, I just visited yours.

          What an authentic site that you have with all these ritual gadgets, handcrafted yewels, cimbals,…

          A good place to be for a far east lover !

          I wish you all the best too !



    • Hello Rex,

      I’m Attila
      We had a few conversations in the past but now that I visited your site.
      I learned a lot about this difficult profession !

      Al the types voices that exist, the training methods, superior singing methods…

      The only person that can’t sing in the family thats me 🙂 🙂

      My mother was a good singer and my cousin has a big-band and he is the head singer.

      To read your advices and revues was a pleasure for me !

      It is very important to know in what for businees we are involved to know each other better !

      Thanks for the kind words and stay on touch !



  23. Hey Attila.
    Just wanted to say what a great site you have and a great read. Sorry for the loss of your mother. We all cope In different ways but now your back in the saddle I am Sure she is looking down on you and feeling like one proud mama for what your achieving.
    Take care my friend and I look forward to watching your site progress.

    • Hello Nicky,

      It is always to pleasure to know a person better and not a oneliners communiction !

      A few vriends but good friends, knowing each other consists also to know in wich business we are involved.
      Exchange information and to refer each others buisiness to new clients !

      Thanks for the kind words and I wich you also succes !

      Greets Attila

    • Hello Nicky,

      Thanks for the kind words !

      Thats life! There are worser things like parents that survive their children !

      Mothers are eternal !

      The energy that they have, you can’t describe !

      I will visit also your site because it is important to know each other and knowing in wich business we are involved !



  24. Very interesting and very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your amazing life story.

    • Hello,

      Thanks for visiting my site and to leave me a comment once your site is ready send me a message and I wil visit It !

      Greets Attila

  25. Whao attila, you really have come a long way in life. Sorry about the loss of your mum and i know she is up there smiling down on you over all you have achieved on your own. Wish you more success and more importantly, will love to read more on how to earn while am studying

    • Hello,

      Thanks for the kind words !
      Of course you can read a lot more on my page. I depends on yourself and the ways that you chose.
      I offer an issue with my web site and this a complete affordable training step by step.
      Give it try !



    • Ask me your questions and I will advice you anytime !



  26. Hey Atilla:

    An interesting story…an interesting life.

    You are right. In this world of increasing and ever-smaller specializations and niches, there is a great need for people who are generalists, who can connect the dots in ways that make some sort of sense and who can construct coherent overviews.

    If you walk around with a hammer, every problem starts looking like a nail, it seems to me. A person is likely to be more effective walking around wearing a tool belt with a bunch more tools that he or she knows how to use.

    At least then he or she will have many more ways to find better solutions.

    • Hello Nitta,

      THanks for you comments !

      There is one estatement that i wil use as a statement in my future post;

      “If you walk around with a hammer, every problem starts looking like a nail”

      Have a nice day,



    • Hello,

      You’re always welcome !

  27. Hi Attila

    You are very inspiring person and it is great you have decided to share your knowledge and experience. You seem to have an exciting life and you have managed to do so many different and amazing things. I am sure many people will benefit from your website on how to earn money while studying.

    Wish you all the luck!

    • Hello,

      Thanks for the your comment and considering me a inspiring person !

      I always said try to have a life that as you have the blessing to be grandfather you will have a lot of stories to teel to your grandchildren.

      Have a nice day,


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